French Beans

For us at Lowland Vegetables French Beans is the major crop that is grown for export. 

Garden Peas

Garden Peas are also grown extensivley for export to the British Supermarket.

Tender Stem Broccoli

The TSB is grown and then harvested for around two months and again is grown for mostly export to England


A fairly recent addition to the crops grown at Lowland. Produced for Kenyan consumption.


The poatoes harvested are turned in crisps at the Krackles Crisps factory.

Cabbages are grown as a vast quantity at Lowland Vegetables for the Kenyan Market. Cabbages grown at Lowland Vegetables are sold around the country from Mombasa to Nairobi. Lowland is the biggest cabbage producer in Kenya.



A new addition into the rotation system at Lowland Vegetables. Another crop that is for export and UK consumption.

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