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At Lowland Vegetable, we try to use the as little as possible of artificial nutrients and as little cultivation as possible. The growing of legumes and high biomass brassica crops reduce the requirement for bought in fertilisers backed up by good land preparation.


Lowland Vegetables try to do as much as possible mechanically and has such equipment to try and remove as much hard work that the farms 400 workers have to do. Efficient centre pivot irrigation reduces water use whilst improving crop quality. Equipment such as a self-propelled sprayer takes away many of the dangers of pesticide application. All crops are mechanically planted and weeded which is very unusual for Kenya 


The use of pesticides are a must as due to the climate, weeds and insects grow faster and in great numbers than in other climates. The use of pesticides ensure that the crops are perfect for the English market. However the use of chemicals is minimised due to first rate application equipment and integrated crop management techniques all applications are based on scouting and experience


Once the crops are harvested they are graded and loaded straight into lorries for transport to the packhouse. The farm has its own cold storage facility and aims to begin packing on the farm. Produce from Lowland Vegetables can be on European shelves within 36 hours of leaving the farm. 

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